Presentation Training

Do you want to leave a lasting and positive impression on your audience?  

Learn how to polish your verbal and non-verbal skills when you’re on stage, in a meeting, or delivering a message through online video. In this training, you’ll receive coaching on:

Stories to illustrate your point and engage your audience.

Visual props and interactive exercises to enhance your message.

Posture, pauses, and hand gestures to support your presentation.

Conquering your fears and learning how to spontaneously speak in front of a group.

The best speakers and presenters are constantly seeking to improve their delivery, discover their blind spots, and strengthen how they come across in ALL their communication.

As a former TV news reporter and anchor, and today, as a speaker and corporate trainer, Tracy knows what it takes to quickly connect with people. Let her coach you to become a confident presenter who can gain trust and enthusiasm from virtually any audience.