Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders in Rwanda

Posted By Tracy Hooper on Nov 16, 2016 | 0 comments

Greetings from Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills. It is hot, humid, and spectacularly beautiful.

I am fortunate to be on a Women’s Leadership Trip, presenting the Confidence Project to the next generation of African change-makers.

This leadership trip was coordinated by These Numbers Have Faces staff. I’ve had a chance to work with this group previously and learn about the extraordinary work they are doing to empower young, talented students in Africa.

Along with five other women with various life and work experiences and one high school senior, we are working with eighty-seven ambitious university scholars, excited about their future in Business, Engineering, and Architecture.


Empowering the Future Leaders of Africa


If you follow the Confidence Project on Facebook, you may have seen our team alongside these bright women and men. They are also some of the best young entrepreneurs in East Africa.

This experience of being in a country with abject poverty AND fierce hope is mind-boggling.

Our team is playing a part in preparing these scholars to be a new generation of African change-makers and leaders driven by integrity, character, and ethics. Models for our world.


Thank You for Believing in Positive Change


We’ll be back in the United States just before Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite American holiday. No gifts. No fancy parties. Just giving thanks.

And that is exactly what I want to say to you, “Thank you for believing in the Confidence Project.”

Every time people participate in the Confidence Project, I believe we are changing the way people interact with each other, understand one other, and connect.

Now, we’ve gone global.

Happy Thanksgiving,

— Tracy

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