An Anecdote about Professional Ghosting

Posted By Tracy Hooper on Sep 12, 2016 | 0 comments

Have you ever been “ghosted?”

I have.

Someone says they will return your call and they don’t. Or, they ask you to call or email them. You do and they don’t respond. Ever.


Several months ago, I met at the office of the Managing Partner of a Fortune 500 company to introduce the Confidence Project.

After we talked about the skills people practice in our workshops, he was so enthusiastic about bringing it to his incoming class of new hires, that he asked his Director of People Development to join the meeting. She seemed equally enthused. “These are the kinds of soft skills our company wants to develop in our employees.”

As a matter of courtesy and to know how they like to communicate best, I always ask, “How would you like me to follow up?” They both said, “Email us next week, after we’ve had a chance to talk details.”

Later that day, I sent a ‘thank you’ email ending with, “As promised, I’ll circle back with you next week to confirm dates to bring TCP to your company.”

Next week and for the next several weeks, I emailed both people and never got a response.

Did I misread their enthusiasm? Did I misunderstand their intentions? Were we at the same meeting?

Is Ghosting Socially Acceptable?

People are on overload, inundated with information and constantly interrupted. Studies show, on average, that we’re bombarded with more than 300 emails a week and we check our phones 36 times an hour. That adds up to 38-hours a week, a full-time job, just on our smartphones!

Still, “ghosting” is rude.

It takes confidence to respond to someone by email, phone or leave a voice mail saying, ‘Thanks for taking time to interview with us. We’ve decided, however, it’s not going to work out to bring you on-board for now.” Done.

For the Next 30 Days: Take Initiative to Respond

For the next 30-days, make it a practice to respond to people you’ve met or interviewed, even if your follow up is uncomfortable. It only takes a few minutes to be polite and etiquette never goes out of style.

Thank you for your support of the Confidence Project.


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