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Jen Keller & Darrin Exsted

Learning & Development, Columbia Sportswear Co.

Tracy brings a unique set of smart skills that can be applied in any given situation; from daily conversations to formal meetings to communicative self-awareness. Her approach towards awkward, social situations seems less intimidating once you learn tools that apply to the real world. Her energy in the room made the leadership group feel safe to practice these new skills amongst their colleagues.

Robin Segerdahl

Human Resources Manager, Finance Recruiting & Integration

Tracy is inspirational in her passion to help others build Confidence in themselves and make an impact in their lives. She is straight forward, transparent, empathetic and most importantly confident in herself and the message she is conveying; she makes learning to be more confident fun and easy to implement. I highly recommend attending one of her Confidence Project engagements and check out her blog on taking the Confidence Project to Rwanda – truly amazing!

Tracy brought a fun and engaging program to Intel! She got people up and out of their seats, practicing skills to build confidence that can seem second nature, but are really important people skills to use in any situation.

We got great reviews of the Confidence Project from a wide variety of people. Tracy delivered a great balance of content, humor, and heart to the group.

Erika Kelley

External Reporting Controller, Intel Corporation

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Comments from workshop participants:
Tracy was engaging, poised, and knowledgeable. It was good to discuss how we present ourselves in ways we don’t usually think about.
Tracy is such a charismatic, warm speaker – I thought the workshop would be uncomfortable but she smoothed that out.
I enjoyed the dynamic and the real life examples. And, I appreciated the immediate takeaways from the course.
The discussion around checking phones, notifications, emails, etc. during a conversation was particularly helpful and convincing.
I think the activities were most productive. For those who were a little reserved, this encouraged practice and participation.
I went into this workshop with low expectations. I’m not a fan generally of the motivational or professional style speakers and this sort of training. However, the workshop exceeded my expectations by far–I actually learned a lot and strongly benefited from participating.

Thank you Tracy. It was an excellent evening. Positive comments kept flowing in all morning from all of the Intel crew. I’m sure that was representative of the sentiment in the room overall.

It’s been really amazing working with you….can’t wait to dream up our next project together.

Rashmi Nath

Intel Corporation

After just a few minutes with our company, Tracy was one of us.  She had us captivated, hanging on her every word.  Her workshop is an engaging, thought-provoking, confidence – booster that many of us are still talking about.  I would recommend her training to any group of people willing to get out of their comfort zone and grow themselves in areas that translate to every part of our lives.  Thank you, Tracy, for equipping CPSG with tools to become more confident in any type of situation!

Kelsey Smith

Account Executive, Mercer | CPSG Partners

“Thank you so much for leading a brilliant workshop. Everyone had such an amazing time! It has been a pleasure to work with you. I am so appreciative of the fact that you helped us on our journey to getting some money in the bank for our organization. I looking forward to working with you again.”

Megan Bigelow

Founder, PDX Women in Tech

Comments from Novo Nordisk workshop participants:

Sally Zweber, MD, Regional Medical Liaison

Tracy Hooper brought The Confidence Project to our Women in Novo Nordisk dinner event, where we learned practical skills to boost our confidence in any situation. Tracy led a mini-workshop which gave each of us the opportunity for hands-on practice of our social skills.

Thoughtful and engaging, Tracy is an expert communicator who really knows how to connect with her audience. The impact was tangible and immediate, giving each person greater ability to be agile in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

To top it off, Tracy is punctual, organized, and responsive. She is a consummate professional.


Heather Myers, District Business Manager - Obesity

Tracy was incredible.

Her approachable and warm personality made her easy to connect with very quickly.  She spoke about a variety of different situations that we all encounter, from “what do I do if I can’t remember someone’s name?” to how to add impact when we meet someone new, or make a first impression.

I left her session feeling inspired to make a few simple changes to boost my own confidence.


Kristal Hartman, Obesity Care Specialist

You know how when you are feeling down about yourself, your best friend is the one to pick you back up, dust you off, and restore your confidence in yourself?  And that favorite Aunt whom you’ve always looked up to and wanted to be just like her?  And finally, that colleague at work who is your mentor because they exude confidence and seem to never miss a step?

Meeting Tracy Hooper was like spending time with your best friend, your favorite Aunt, and your workplace mentor all wrapped into one person!  She is easy to share with, ask questions of, and learn from.

We are the hardest on ourselves, and she personally took the time to help me with my current personal confidence project.  Tracy is unforgettable!

“From start to finish, Tracy had my employees actively engaged and participating in useful and fun exercises. She made every employee, shy or not, feel comfortable and safe while performing in front of the larger group. Even weeks after her workshop, my team is still ‘reenacting’ her communication exercises, and practicing good introductory skills with each other.”

Nick Footer

President & Founder , Intuitive Digital

“Networking events have always been intimidating to me, but after 3 group sessions with Tracy, I have become much more comfortable and confident in these situations. At my most recent networking event, I strayed from my comfort zone and had a blast! I met some great people, had excellent conversations, and came away feeling accomplished. She’s given me invaluable skills and advice that I guarantee will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

Brian Baker

Senior Digital Strategist, Intuitive Digital

“Tracy doesn’t just tell you how to feel more comfortable and connected in professional and social situations, she sets an example by making everyone in the room feel relaxed and included. If you’ve ever wanted to make a great first impression, be a better listener, or even leave a social gathering graciously, I can’t recommend Tracy’s workshops highly enough.”

Gwendolyn Pitkin

Content Marketing Specialist, DelMain Analytics


We brought Tracy in during a staff retreat to round out a program focused on improving general workplace skills and performance. Her practical advice and interactive style were the perfect combination. Our team members left with new tips and valuable reminders of how we can more effectively and confidently interact with others in our professional and personal lives.

Linda W. Navarro

President & CEO , Oregon Bankers Association

Bryan Concannon of Concannon Lumber

“Thank you so much for your help on the speech that I gave to the group of CEOs. I have heard you speak in front of large groups multiple times and knew you could help me craft a dynamic and engaging presentation. I was delighted by how much energy and insight you added to the process. You helped me hone my speech so that it was entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking. You outperformed my expectations, especially in coaching my delivery. Your expertise in cadence and emphasis made all the difference. Thanks again for your amazing work and advice!”

Bryan Concannon

Owner, Concannon Lumber

cpsg-partners Logo

I would enthusiastically recommend Tracy’s workshop to communities in tech looking to make a lasting investment in their people. Her tips were immediately relevant to successfully hosting an engaging WebEx meeting. Tracy truly does her homework. I was impressed that she spoke with our representatives before our training to better understand our world.

Grace Hirshorn

Consultant, Mercer | CPSG Partners

“Deciding switch my career path from family advocacy to occupational therapy was a big change!

While applying to occupational therapy programs, I sought out Tracy’s services for resume review. Tracy helped me craft a resume that highlighted my accomplishments and made my mission and purpose clear. I then met with Tracy for a one-on-one session to prepare for admissions interviews. Tracy prepared me for an effective introduction with her ’10 Seconds of You’ technique. She coached me on telling memorable (short) stories and offered advice on responding to “zinger questions.” Her tips on body posturing and the “Power Pose” helped me to walk into my interview with confidence!

At the end of the admissions process, I was offered admissions at my top 3 schools. Next fall, I will attend Washington University in St Louis, School of Medicine, which offered competitive merit-based scholarships and graduate assistantships. I will pursue a clinical doctorate in occupational therapy.”

Annie Murphy Hagan

Working with Tracy was transformative in my preparation for graduate school interviews. Tracy helped me make sense of my thoughts and collaborated with me to find ways to present my answers in a concise, powerful way.

Her tips for distinguishing myself in an interview and for graciously joining in on a conversation made me feel that I can handle interviews gracefully.   It was a pleasure working with Tracy and I would recommend her coaching to anyone who is looking to vastly improve their delivery and stand out from the crowd. 

Jessica Carney

“After a challenging junior year abroad, I came into senior year unsure of myself as my University’s job fair was approaching. Tracy’s one-on-one Skype sessions helped me come up with a ’10 seconds of me’ that I could use when approaching recruiters at the job fair.

Using Tracy’s techniques for talking to recruiters, I landed 8 second round interviews, which led to 2 onsite interviews. Then Tracy worked with me again to talk through the strategies and techniques I needed to feel ready for my onsite interviews. In one of my onsite interviews I was asked how I prepared for the interview and after telling them that I did research about the company, I told them all about the work Tracy and I did to work on my presentation and conversational skills.

From the onsite interviews, I received 2 full time job offers. I have officially accepted a job and will be working as a Chemical Engineer for an international chemicals company, Solvay, after graduation next spring.”

Julia Weigel

Process Engineer , Solvay

“We are so grateful for the time we had with you. I feel we have improved 100% with our authentic communication with clients and each other. It was great for us to role play with one another. We were vulnerable, but also safe. With that exercise, I feel we are all more authentic in life in general.”

Samantha Schreck

Owner, Paramount Salon

“Tracy’s “10 Seconds of You” workshop was engaging and informative. I learned many practical strategies for communicating the message about ShareOregon concisely and persuasively. The time to practice and share feedback with colleagues was especially helpful, and I would certainly attend more of Ms. Hooper’s workshops. Her experience in broadcast media, in addition to being a successful small business owner, have enabled her to perfect the art of interpersonal communication. Her personal warmth and generous spirit make her an absolute joy to learn from.”

Rick Reynolds

Founder , ShareOregon

“Thank you so much for a wonderful day of learning. I think what you are doing is great and needs to reach a larger audience. Again, thank you for all of your lessons today. I will definitely put them to good use.”

Will Cuddy

Actor, IMDB

“Everyone enjoyed the workshop. It provided some useful tools and new set of skills to a lot of employees and I wish to continue working with you.”

Dominique Geulin

Owner & Master Baker, St. Honoré Boulangerie

“I am at a conference in Birmingham and just wanted to let you know that I feel I have grown a lot in my interactions with people I do not know. Thank you for your coaching! I am seeing the effects and it is amazing the confidence that results!”

Eric Delehoy

Thank you, Tracy! You’re a great teacher and mentor. This experience has been one of the best things I could have ever done for myself. I’m so happy that I found you. Thanks to you, I will have these new-found skills for a lifetime!

Lindsay Blodgett

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