What is the Confidence Project?

"The smartest people make things simple" - Allen Franklin, Former CEO, the Southern Company

The Story Behind the Confidence Project


In the fall of 2013, some friends asked me to host an etiquette party for a group of young professional women in Portland, Oregon. It was to be casual and fun.

Before we started the evening, as everyone sat down in our family room, I asked one of the women, “So what do you think tonight might be about?” She said, “I heard this is a crash course on being a grown up!” We all laughed! She was right. And so began the Confidence Project.



An Evening of Conversation Etiquette


That evening I hosted the etiquette party, I provided tips on various topics and prepared role playing exercises for my guests to practice these new skills. All in a fun and relaxed environment. We discussed and practiced:

  • Introducing yourself with confidence and impactYoung Women Happily Practicing Conversation at Etiquette Party
  • Starting and maintaining an engaging conversation with someone you don’t know
  • Perfecting your elevator pitch, in what I call “10 seconds of You©”
  • Inviting someone new into a conversation
  • Graciously joining a conversation
  • Practicing exit lines to kindly leave a conversation
  • Cell phone etiquette
  • Language, such as fixing simple grammar mistakes
  • Good posture for looking taller and more confident
  • Business conversation etiquette, particularly manners that most employers care about and rarely find in their staff
  • Critical job interview skills
  • Writing powerful emails and genuine “Thank You” notes
  • And finding every person’s authentic voice, one that sounds great on the phone, on voicemail, at a business meeting or presentation, in a group setting or one-on-one


Building Confidence for Your Personal and Professional Lives


03-12_11_32-01-7D1_0006Over the past several years I’ve seen more and more professionals who are tech savvy, world traveled, and mobile. At the same time, I’ve noticed that many people are hungry for some simple social and business skills to help them “feel comfortable and connected” in everyday settings.

I’m convinced that by practicing these effective and actionable skills, people can boost their confidence and change the trajectory of their lives!


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