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A few weeks ago, I was a guest on a new TV talk show in Portland called,“Afternoon Live.”

My friend, Joey Jenkins from Intentional 360, was a guest and recommended me to the Producer, Kara Mack. She called to learn about the Confidence Project and we discussed what skills to feature during the 6-minute interview.

Kara said, “For this segment, let’s focus on the Impact of First Impressions.” 

We chose three simple skills to highlightthen she sent a confirmation email, “We’re set for next Tuesday. Here’s the address of KATU. The Show airs from 3-4pm. Arrive at 2:30, we’ll mic you just after 3, and you’ll be the first guest.”

Over the next four days, I outlined my talking points: The Power of Posture, Impact of a Pleasant Resting Face and How to Make Yourself Approachable with Cell Phone Day Care. I highlighted real stories to support the skills, then went online to get familiar with the show.

The host, Tra’Renee Chambers, was delightful. She is warm, experienced, and a natural interviewer. Every day, I rehearsed many times by recording on my iPhone. Then, I’d edit, rehearse, edit, rehearse. By Tuesday, I was ready.

I arrived early, signed-in and headed to the Green Room where the guests gather. Next door, the Studio was open. I walked around to get familiar with it, did a 2-minute Power Pose, then walked back to the Green Room to meet the other guests.

At 3:06, during a commercial, a camera operator attached my mic. We headed into the Studio and the Floor Director helped me get seated. Tra’Renee and I exchanged smiles. She was getting direction in her ear piece from Kara.

On cue, Tra’Renee started her intro and our interview began.

We had instant rapport. She was funny. I responded. We covered each skill. We both told stories. It felt like a great conversation. Score! Helpful take-aways and 6-minutes flew by.

Later that night, I showed the interview link to my husband, Henry. After it ended, and before he could make a single comment, I blurted out, “Did my arms look fat?”

He looked at me in shock. “WHAT? Tracy, I was not looking at your arms. I was listening to your conversation…to your content.”

Oh yeah, content.

Never mind that I am highly skilled at my craft, that my background is broadcast TV news and that I was fully prepared. NO. I was worried about my arms, the same way men worry about growing pot bellies and losing their hair. But Henry says, “Men don’t talk about that with the guys.”

For the Next 30 Days: Be Kind to Yourself

OK, I know you’re tempted to skip to the link to judge my arms for yourself. Plus, learn about First Impression skills and “Cell Phone Day Care.”

Know that confidence is not constant. It comes and goes. When it comes, it’s awesome. When it goes, it’s brutal.

That “committee in our head” takes-over saying, “You’re a fake. You’re not smart enough, or fit enough, or capable enough.” Guess what? You ARE enough. Fire the “committee in your head.”  And know that you CAN develop Confidence in many areas of your life, with practice.

Watch the Confidence Project on KATU Afternoon Live.


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