Tracy Hooper, Trainer & Speaker

“Your smile is your logo. Your personality is your business card. How you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” ~ Jay Danzie 

Tracy Bagli Hooper coaches emerging and established leaders who want to connect and feel comfortable with anyone. As a corporate speaker and trainer, she provides a safe environment for professionals to practice confidence boosting skills that are essential in today’s business world.

In an innovated workforce, it’s not enough to be smart or tech savvy. Tracy teaches how to identify your confidence breakers, so you can show up in any situation, trusting yourself to be confident.

Before launching the Confidence Project, Tracy was a TV reporter and anchor at several CBS affiliate stations on the East Coast. She learned how to introduce herself with impact, connect with people quickly, and put them at ease, even in stressful situations.

She discovered that no matter how smart or accomplished a person might be, those who were genuinely confident stood out above the rest. They didn’t try to be perfect. They were themselves and presented themselves with assurance that wasn’t contrived. Like with any skill, Tracy believes that with practice, people’s confidence can become second nature.

Today, business leaders seek Tracy’s services because the results are instantaneous for both their brand and bottom line. She has taken the Confidence Project to Rwanda to work with the next generation of African change makers. She’s sold-out leadership events and has worked with companies such as Intel, Solvay, Novo Nordisk, Providence Health Services, Oppenheimer Funds, and Alpha Media.

As a voice-over professional, Tracy has worked with corporate clients including Disney, NFL Films, Marriott, Kaiser Permanente, Rite Aid and more.

The Confidence Project is an equal opportunity endeavor. It doesn’t matter how much money you make, where you grew up, or what job title you hold, confidence can be learned. And, Tracy can help you.

Tracy enjoys writing, traveling and is a fast & fierce power walker. She works on her confidence every day and is still learning confidence boosting strategies from people she admires.

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