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Confidence Building Workshops in Portland OR

Confidence Workshops

Confidence Workshops

Confidence isn’t only about your DNA It can be learned. And it emerges through practice. Confidence Project skills are simple. Mastering them requires...

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The Confidence Project believes that anyone can learn to be confident when interacting with others both professionally and personally. Hear testimonials from attendees that have gained valuable skills in our workshops!

“Tracy helped me hone my speech so that it was entertaining, informative, and thought-provoking.  She outperformed my expectations, especially in coaching my delivery.  Tracy’s expertise in cadence and emphasis made all the difference.”


Bryan Concannon


Concannon Lumber




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“We brought Tracy in during a staff retreat to round out a program focused on improving general workplace skills and performance. Her practical advice and interactive style were the perfect combination. Our team members left with new tips and valuable reminders of how we can more effectively and confidently interact with others in our professional and personal lives.”


Linda W. Navarro

President & CEO

Oregon Bankers Association




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“For 45 minutes, 75 students moved around the room introducing themselves and having great conversations. Many students explained that these 10-seconds gave them a confident start to conversations and learned new things about their classmates.”


Debora Sepich Ed. D.
Assistant Professor
George Fox University




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